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Mary Beth Kelly

Fully Dedicated To Estate Law. Fully Committed To Clients.

When you hire an estate planning attorney, you are entrusting someone to safeguard your hard-earned assets, plan for difficult late-life contingencies and secure the financial future of your loved ones. That is a responsibility that no attorney should treat lightly.

When you contact The Law Office of Mary Beth Kelly, LLC, you can rest easy. My firm is focused on estate planning, and I am devoted to helping my clients ensure their well-being, and that of their family. I’ve been a practicing attorney for over 14 years, and I have been working in the legal field for more than 35 years.

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Compassionate Representation Rooted In Shared Experiences

As a lawyer, I could dryly explain the legal importance of careful estate planning, but that usually isn’t very convincing to the average person. Instead, I’ll say that I’ve lived many of the same difficult experiences as my clients, and I know firsthand how important legal protections are.

I’ve raised two children, survived a divorce, and helped care for an aging loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The recommendations I make to clients are the culmination of my legal experience, knowledge of the law, and my sincere desire to help others, whether they are preparing for the future, or trying to endure the present.

Estate Planning Is For Everyone

You shouldn’t wait until you are close to retirement to make an estate plan. These services are for adults of any age, including:

  • Older adults who have experienced a medical emergency or are simply concerned about the future
  • Parents of young children who want to protect their growing family and ensure that they have a plan on paper in case of an unforeseen emergency
  • Parents with children about to leave for college who want to continue helping their kids with health insurance and other safeguards
  • Parents of special-needs children (of any age) who need to set aside assistance funds without compromising access to government benefits
  • Adults with aging parents who need help seeking guardianship or other legal protection measures

Contact My Firm To Get Started Today

Law Office of Mary Beth Kelly has offices in Lake Mary, Mount Dora and The Villages, and I serve clients throughout the Orlando area. To arrange your initial consultation with an attorney who truly cares, call me at 407-536-6901 or fill out my online contact form.