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Mary Beth Kelly

What are your duties as a guardian of an elderly parent?

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2021 | Estate Planning |

As your parents get older, properly caring for themselves can become quite difficult. Considering that, you might want to become their guardian in Florida. After successfully filing a guardianship petition and getting it approved, you can enter into the important role of a guardian. Here’s more information about the duties that a guardian might need to perform.

Determine the right living situation

One of the most vital aspects of being a guardian is deciding where an elderly person should live. Being at home could be too dangerous for certain senior citizens. This situation might mean that placing an elderly individual in an assisted living facility or nursing home is a better option.

Provide help managing the elderly person’s finances

Guardianships also typically involve managing an elderly person’s finances. In addition to paying their bills, it’s also imperative to ensure that this person isn’t spending their money unwisely. You’ll need to explain to the elderly person why you’re making each of these decisions.

Keeping things fun

Being a guardian is an important role with lots of duties. However, both you and the person you have guardianship over also need to have fun. Fortunately, it’s your responsibility to make sure that the person you’re watching over is enjoying their life.

Watching over a senior citizen’s health

You’ll need to make sure that a senior citizen is keeping up with their appointments. Being a guardian also involves making sure an elderly person takes their medications.

Being a guardian is an extremely crucial role. With time and effort, you can be an excellent guardian to the loved one in your life.